As a young girl, I read The Robe and I was hooked. Seeing what Lloyd C. Douglas imagined happened to the Roman soldier who held Jesus’s robe at his crucifixion was fascinating! After The Robe, I read all the Biblical fiction I could find. Now I write it.Like Douglas, I don’t write about the Davids or Joshuas or Esthers of the Bible. The idea of taking a character mentioned only a few times and making up a life and history for that person, while remaining true to the Scriptures, is irresistible to me.

I want to know about the guys who cut the hole in the roof to lower their friend to Jesus. Whatever made them think of that? Or what about Abraham’s servant Eliezer, sent to find Isaac a wife? How did he feel finding a wife for another man? And the Ethiopian eunuch, converted by Philip. What happened after Philip left him?

My first book, In the Shadow of Sinai, follows the Israelites during the Exodus, but tells that story through the eyes of Bezalel, the man who built the Ark of the Covenant. The sequel, By the Waters of Kadesh, follows one of the twelve spies sent to check out the Promised Land. You’ll find Joshua and Moses in my books, but as supporting cast, not the main characters.

The third book in the trilogy, The Walls of Arad, released June 15. It takes place after the Israelites’ forty years of waiting. It’s based on Numbers 21.

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