Five Fascinating Women of Heart

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Women of HeartMy fellow Trekker Sharon Srock is part of a wonderful anthology that releases this month. I’m delighted to have her as my guest today to tell us about the book and her part in it.

Tell me about the story of Women of Heart.
This is a collection of five full-length stories that feature women in all walks of life, meeting the challenges tossed into their path and overcoming with their faith in God.

Give us the backcover blurbs (actually five!) of the book.

Sweet Waters by Julie Carobini

Jilted Tara Sweet leaves Missouri to chase after the fairy tale life she and her sisters once knew in Otter Bay. Soon she meets handsome but complicated firefighter Josh Adams and a host of mysterious faces from long ago. But what happens when truth is one secret after another, lies unfold, and the fairy tale turns out to be a soap opera? Despite their budding romance by the sea, Tara and Josh soon find themselves at odds with their families, their faith, the quirky townspeople of Otter Bay ~ and each other. Can they face the truth together … and be set free?

That Dog Won’t Hunt by Brandilyn Collins
Meet the Dearings, a crazy, loving, boisterous family in small-town Mississippi. There’s mom and dad, three daughters and their families, and the youngest–twenty-five-year-old Ben. Oh, and the family dog, a Yorkie who thinks she’s royalty.
Ben is just sure everyone will love Christina, his new fiancée, when he brings her home for a family reunion. He always did wear rose-colored glasses. Christina loves Ben but secretly fears their relationship will never work. She hasn’t told him about her horrific past as an only child. Christina doesn’t know how to trust or be honest about her feelings. Being thrust into the middle of a tight-knit family like the Dearings is sure to send her over the edge. The Dearings are no perfect family, but they know how to love–if only Christina will accept it.

The Quarryman’s Wife by Mary DeMuth
Augusta Brinkworth nearly breaks from grief when her husband is killed in a rock quarry slide, leaving her with a passel of children to feed in the throes of the Great Depression. Armed with detached stoicism, she disengages from the lives of her grieving children, pushing them away, while forces outside and within the family threaten its existence. Will Augusta shed her detachment and engage in her children’s lives before the family rips apart?

Finding Amanda by Robin Patchen
Chef and popular blogger Amanda Johnson hopes publishing her memoir will provide healing and justice. Her estranged husband, contractor and veteran soldier Mark Johnson, tries to talk her out of it, fearing the psychiatrist who seduced her when she was a teen might return to silence her. But Amanda doesn’t need advice, certainly not from her judgmental soon-to-be ex-husband. Her overconfidence makes her vulnerable when she travels out of town and runs into the abuser from her past. A kind stranger comes to her rescue and offers her protection. Now Mark must safeguard his wife both from the fiend who threatens her life and from the stranger who threatens their marriage.

Callie by Sharon Srock
A baby is dead and Callie Stillman blames herself. Haunted by memories of a tiny coffin, she can’t understand how God could expect her to put her heart on the line a second time. But the evasive little girl attending her Sunday School class is so obviously in trouble that Callie finds her resolve cracking. Iris and Samantha Evans are living on borrowed time. Deserted, orphaned, and betrayed, they need rescuing in the worst way. Steve Evans had his life changed by God. A reformed drug addict, he’s searching for the family he abandoned ten years ago and praying for a miracle. The road to healing is rocky. But as Callie confronts her worst fears by bringing father and daughters together in a risky bid for reconciliation, she realizes that the Evans family aren’t the only ones God wants to rescue from a tortured past.

Share the first page of CALLIE.
Callie Stillman dabbed raindrops from her face with a linen napkin as Benton dodged a server with a loaded tray and took his place across from her. She smiled into her husband’s blue eyes and reached across to wipe water from his beard. “We’ll both have pneumonia if we don’t dry off soon.”
Benton took the napkin and finished the job. He sent a wink across the table. “I’ve been told the food is very good. A few sniffles should be worth it.”
Callie’s gaze roamed the room. “The décor is lovely. It’s…” Recognition slammed into her chest, forcing the air from her lungs. The man crossing the room behind her husband nodded and continued to his table. Was that the bailiff? Do you swear to tell the truth… She gulped for breath and fought the familiar darkness that crowded the edges of her vision.
Callie ran a finger around her collar, tugging the neck of the blouse away from skin suddenly dewed with a fine film of sweat. Too hot. She took a sip of water, dismayed at the tremor in her hand as she lifted the glass to her lips. I won’t give in to this. Not here, not tonight. Callie closed her eyes and practiced the breathing techniques she’d learned over the last six months. In through her nose, hold for a few seconds, and out through her mouth. Concentrate only on the current step in the process, the next breath. The tightness in her chest began to fade. Thank you, Jesus. She raised her water again and held the cold glass to her flushed cheek.

If time and money did not enter in the equation, what would be your dream?

Retiring to a beach in Cozumel to write books.

What would you be doing with your free time if you weren’t writing?

Traveling to the four corners of the world. I don’t just want to see things on a TV screen. I want to taste, smell, and touch the world.

If you could live in any time, when and where would that be and why?

I have to pick two. I’d love to visit the era of Merlin and Arthur. I know that what I’d see is a fantasy, but I’d like to be a part of it for a day. Then I’d turn that machine in another direction and visit the future STAR TREK portrayed. If Jesus tarries, I’d love to see how the world looks in a couple of hundred years.

Where are you right now (LVR, DR, Bathroom) and what are you wearing? You have to tell the truth. 

Living room, still in my sleep shirt.

What is your favorite season of the year? Why?

I only have three seasons to my year: Spring, Summer, and Sweater. I love the soft textures of sweaters and can never wait for the weather to cool off enough to break out my collection.

What is the most fun thing you have ever done?

That is a multiple choice answer. I spent the last 10 years taking each of my grandchildren, one-by-one on special vacations, just the two of us. Hawaii, cruises that included too many exotic stops to list, the Grand Canyon, Disney World. Each trip was a dream come true and a special time of making memories. I couldn’t pick a specific one, and I wouldn’t trade a single minute.

Please tell us five random things we might not know about you. 

I am a huge STAR TREK fan with uniforms hanging in my closet.

I got James Doohan (STAR TREK’s Scotty) lost in Oklahoma City.

My favorite pet of all time was a 5-foot iguana.

I love to mow the grass.

I HATE reality TV.

What three things do you know now about the publishing world that you wish you knew when you first started?

How hard marketing is.
How hard marketing is.
How hard marketing is.

Me AlaskaSHARON SROCK went from science fiction to Christian fiction at slightly less than warp speed. Twenty five years ago, she cut her writer’s teeth on Star Trek fiction. Today, she writes inspirational stories that focus on ordinary women using their faith to accomplish extraordinary things. A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sharon serves her local chapter in the role of treasurer. Sharon lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with her husband and three very large dogs. She enjoys Traveling, cooking reading, and writing when her characters cooperate.

You can find her on her website and blog || Facebook || Twitter. You can purchase the collection for .99 until September 21st from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Brandilyn Collins


BRANDILYN COLLINS is an award-winning and best-selling novelist known for her trademarked Seatbelt Suspense®–fast-paced, character-driven suspense with myriad twists and an interwoven thread of faith. She also writes insightful contemporary novels with rich characters. She is often blamed for keeping her readers up at night, as they “just have to see what happens next.” In nonfiction, Brandilyn is known for her distinctive book on fiction-writing techniques, Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn From Actors (John Wiley & Sons). Writers Digest Magazine named Getting Into Character one of the top books on writing of 2002.


Julie Carobini



JULIE CAROBINI is the bestselling author of the Chocolate Series, as well as the Otter Bay Novels: Sweet Waters, A Shore Thing, and Fade to Blue. She has won numerous awards, and RT Book Reviews says, “Carobini has a talent for creating characters that come alive.” Julie lives in California with her family and loves all things coastal (except sharks). Please sign up for her occasional newsletter, where you’ll learn about new releases – including freebies for your Kindle – at



Mary DeMuth


MARY DeMUTH is a speaker, a blogger and the best-selling author of thirty books. She’s spoken around the world about living an uncaged, freedom-infused live. She makes her home in Texas with her family. Find out more at

Robin Patchen



If time and money were no object, ROBIN PATCHEN would travel constantly. Her goal is to visit every place in the entire world—twice. Alas, time is short and money is scarce, and her family doesn’t really want to follow her all around the world, so she does the next best thing: she writes. In the worlds she creates, she can go back to the best places time and again. And when they’re not perfect, that’s all right—she just edits until they are.
In the real world, Robin and her husband Edward have three children, Nicholas, Lexi, and Jacob. They are a close second on her list of priorities after her relationship with her Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Visit her at


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