An Interview with Ahmose and Adi


Q. Ahmose, what would you say growing up in the wilderness has been like?

A. If you had asked me when I was a child, I would have said I was fun! But seriously, compared to growing up in the palace? It was delightful, a grand adventure.


Q. You really are the eternal optimist, aren’t you?

A. I had people who loved me, food every day, no one beating me—what’s not to love? And the girl of my dreams.


Q. Adi, you’ve never known anything but the oasis. What do you think about moving into Canaan?

A. I don’t remember anything but here, but like every child, I’ve been told the stories. I can tell you about Egypt and our trials and escape as well as anyone who lived through it. We must never forget what Yahweh has done for us. And we must tell our children, so they can tell their children. Yahweh rescued us from Egypt to bring us into the land He is now giving us. I can’t wait.


Q. Are you ready for your children to go to war for that land?

A. No mother wants to see her child go to war. But we do what Yahweh asks of us, and we trust Him. Don’t you think so, Ahmose?
A. My uncle, Kamose, spent his life as a warrior for Egypt. He would tell you they fought only for more glory or more land or more gold—nothing that lasted.
I remember when Sabba Hur fought for Yahweh. I remember when he died. Part of me died that day, and part of Bezalel. But it was necessary. I also remember when Kamose left to bring back the wounded after the pronouncement, and after that he was captured. I remember when he came home and he’d been so severely injured … he never really recovered. But he never regretted it. He always said this fight is different, for something that will last. Not just for gold or a king’s pride, but for our home. For the land Yahweh promised.
That’s something worth fighting for.


Q. Adi, you have two grandchildren. What’s that like?

A. Grandchildren are so much better than children! My mother always said that, and I never understood why. Until I had them.


Q. Do you think Zadok will ever give you any?

A. I know he will. He just has to let Yahweh show him the right girl. And I think Miriam might have found her.


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