An Interview with Aqhat of Arad


Q. What exactly is your job in Arad?

A. I am the commander of the army, in charge of the defense of the entire city of Arad.


Q. That’s quite a lot of responsibility. How did you rise to such a post?

A. That’s an interesting question. Usually this position is given to someone who is part of the nobility. Sometimes they buy their way into the post; sometimes they deserve it. I was a common soldier, but I believe Yahweh allowed my ability and integrity to be noticed, and I continued to make my way through the ranks until I achieved the highest position possible.


Q. So the Israelite God helped you, a Canaanite?

A. Yes, I believe so. Yahweh helped Kamose escape. If He can help him, an Egyptian, why can’t help me?


Q. Who’s Kamose?

A. Kamose was an Egyptian who escaped with the Israelites and was held captive here and tortured for several weeks. Danel and I learned about Yahweh from him. He told us everything Moses had taught about Yahweh—that anyone who came to Him, he would accept.


Q. And since then?

A. Oh, that was a long time ago! I was barely more than a recruit then, but I’ve spent my life learning everything I could about Yahweh, in any way I can. From traders passing through, mostly. Sometimes when I’ve been out on a mission I’ve come aross someone who worships Him. But Danel and I have to be very careful. We could be in serious trouble with King Keret if anyone found out. Our lives depend on our ability to keep a secret.


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