An Interview with Danel of Arad


Q. So, Danel, what’s a wazir?

A. A wazir is the highest ranking official in the government besides the king. I assist the king on all of his duties every day.


Q. This is generally a post held by nobles, or handed down from father to son, is it not?

A. I grew up in the palace. I’ve known the king since he was a prince. When the wazir died with no son, the king made me his wazir. He trusted me. I believe it was because I had earned his trust, because I practiced what I had learned as I followed the teachings of Yahweh.


Q. What is your daily life like here in Arad?

A. I wake up early, before the king, and take him his first meal. We go over the schedule for the day, and then it depends on the day. I check with all the other officials and make sure everything functions properly, in the palace and in the city. At the end of the day, I check in with him again before he goes to sleep.


Q. That’s quite a long day! Isn’t that a little hands-on for a wazir?

A. He’s become a little paranoid lately, and I’m the only person he really trusts. So I’m the first person to see him in the morning, and the last person at night. He sleeps quite late, now that he’s so old, so it’s not as long a day as it seems.


Q. Tell me about your family.

A. My wife, Yasha, is the light of my life. We had one daughter, Shiba. She married and had one son, but her first husband died in battle. She remarried, but they both died in an accident. Now their two children, Duni and Izabel, live with us. We’re a little old to be raising small children, but we love them, and they keep us young. They are so adorable … and they remind me of our dear Shiba.


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