An Interview with Kamose

From By the Waters of Kadesh


Q. This is quite a beautiful place. Have you ever been out here before? As a soldier?

A. A few times. Egypt has a number of fortresses in the desert. The youngest soldiers serve in most of them. A few of the commanders like it out here and command the forts, but often it is seen as a punishment.


Q. Ever fought here?

A. Egypt hasn’t fought in Canaan since Ramses made peace with the Hittites over 150 years ago not far from here. Egypt was the first to put it peace agreement in writing.


Q. You know your history.

A. It was required.


Q. Still don’t talk much, do you?

A. Not really.


Q. So what do you do out here?

A. I’ve been getting to know Ahmose. I help Bezalel and Meri. I teach Joshua as much as I can, so they’ll be ready to go into Canaan. I just try to keep busy.


Q. Have you thought about going back to Egypt?

A. I can’t go back to Egypt. The country has been laid waste. I have no king to guard, no soldiers to command.


Q. A lot has changed since we talked to you last.

A. Yes, it has. I have lost everything. My home, my livelihood, my country … my life.


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