An Interview with King Keret


Q. You were prince when the Israelites left Egypt.

A. Yes, I will never forget that. No one had ever heard of this ragtag group of fugitive slaves before. Suddenly they manage to evade a professional army, defeat the Amalekites … then they attack us with no warning. I had every right to question Kamose as I did. No one in his right mind would have believed him when he said they would not be coming here for another forty years.


Q. And yet it appears he was indeed telling the truth.

A. Apparently. Still doesn’t make any sense.


Q. No, I suppose not, from a military point of view.

A. What other point of view is there? The only strategic decision would have been to attack when they had the advantage. Now, I am expecting them. If this is an example of how their god thinks, perhaps he isn’t as smart as I have been fearing all these years.


Q. That sounds like a dangerous way of thinking.

A. Arad has been here for thousands of years. It will be here for thousands more. And have no fear, no band of slaves will change that.


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