An Interview with Mika


Q. Mika, tell me about your life in Arad?

A. I live with grandfather and grandmother, and my half-brother and half-sister.


Q. Why don’t you live with your parents?

A. My father was killed in battle when I was much younger, and my mother remarried. Then she and her new husband were killed in an accident a few years ago.


Q. You’re almost a grown man. What do you do now?

A. My grandfather is the wazir, the king’s second-in-command. He’s training me to take over, but that will take years. Ummm … he doesn’t know this, but what I really want to do is join the army. He won’t like that.


Q. Why not?

A. He doesn’t want me to end up like my father.


Q. Dead?

A. Yeah, but actually, he hated my father. But my father was a great man, and I want to be just like him.


Q. Can’t you talk to your grandfather about this?

A. No. He’s obsessed with this Israelite God. It’s all he talks about. And it’s going to get him killed one day.


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