An Interview with Zadok


Q. Zadok, you come from quite a famous family, don’t you?

A.You could say that, I guess. My grandfather built all the furnishings for the Tabernacle. My great-grandfather was one of Moses’s closest advisors. I grew up next to Joshua.


Q. Why aren’t you in the army, like every other male in Israel?

A. Aaron tapped me to be the shepherd of the Tabernacle flock.


Q. Doesn’t sound so hard.

A. Being a shepherd is a full time job. One shepherd can keep 1,000 sheep, but 100 or 1,000, they take your full attention. They are utterly defenseless, and the shepherd must provide for their every need. Plus, I was building the flock at this time as well.


Q. What does that entail?

A. It involves careful breeding, keeping track of the ewes, the rams, watching out for inbreeding, building separate bloodlines … it’s an enormous amount of work.


Q. That does sound like a full-time job. Why do you do it then?

A. Because I love it! Sheep may not be the brightest creatures, but they are playful, loyal, and very trusting of their shepherd. They will follow you anywhere.


Q. But you can’t fight for Israel in the meantime.

A. I can’t train. When the time comes, I can and will fight. I take a lot of flak right now, but it’s worth it. The Tabernacle needs a flock ready for when the sacrifices begin. I’m doing my part, whether or not anyone else understands that. It’s not always easy, but I try to remember that I’m doing exactly what Yahweh wants me to do.


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