A Different Kind of Christmas

A Different Kind of Christmas
He wants a family of his own. She's facing Christmas alone. They need a different kind of Christmas.
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About the Book

Robinson Taylor Mitchell hasn’t been home for Christmas in four years—not since he walked away from his father’s lucrative but unethical business to live a simple life in Brandon Beach. What he wants more than anything this year is a special someone of his own to celebrate with, someone like Juli, who just moved to town but won’t give him the time of day.
Juliana Hellisch won’t be home for Christmas for the first time ever. She can’t understand why God would keep her away from her mother and four brothers, especially when they need her most. But she’s stuck in Brandon Beach working off school debt as a nanny to an adorable three-year-old, and there is no way she’s getting involved with a rich snob like Rob, not after what happened last time.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Four Diamonds Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B07851RQM8
ISBN: 9781979619318
List Price: 3.99
eBook Price: .99
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