Just Who Do You Belong To?

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Dennis and Emma

Living in a multicultural family leads to some funny moments. While John and I were both gone this weekend—a rare occurrence—Emma had to drive down and play chauffeur. Early Saturday morning, she took MC an hour away to a softball doubleheader. A few hours later, she and her boyfriend, who is first-generation Vietnamese, dropped JT off at a TKD demo, went back to pick up MC, then back to get JT, where MC begged Dennis to go with her to find JT. “You know where you dropped him off.” “Yeah,” he said, “but then it will look like two Asians are stealing a little white boy.”

At school last week, DK turned in the check for PE uniforms. Her teacher wondered why it was for two, in different sizes. She said one was for her brother. He asked how old her brother was, and she said,”Four weeks younger.” He paused, then asked if he was adopted. DK said yes. So now, knowing MC but never having met us, I am certain he thinks we are Asian parents who adopted a white boy.

Yeah, ’cause that happens all the time.

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