Kendig’s High-Speed Thrill Ride

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Ronie Kendig is known for her “rapid-fire fiction,” and Firethorn is no exception.

Firethorn is the last in her series “Discarded Heroes.” In this installment, the team has been sabotaged. The members have been captured and sent literally all over the world, and it’s up to covert operative Kazi Faron to bring them back together.

The first member she rescues is Griffin Riddell, who has been falsely accused of murder and locked in a maximum-security prison. From there, the pair sets put to find the others. I don’t usually read suspense novels, for the same reason I don’t ride roller coasters: I don’t like my heart in my throat. But that’s exactly where my heart was from page one of Firethorn.

The love story is dribbled out in this “romantic suspense” book; the suspense clearly predominates. The book is a thrill ride from the get-go. The characters are adrenaline junkies in the purest sense, but they are richly drawn with deep backstories. Due to their troubled pasts, both Griffin and Kazi, the protagonists, have trouble with trust and faith. In this area, this is not a traditional “Christian fiction” novel (nor are any of Kendig’s novels), where everyone is always happy and polite and spiritually mature. But the characters behave like all of us. They are not perfect. They stumble and make mistakes and struggle with life. For me, that makes the book all the more enjoyable. By the end they have grown, closer to God and closer to each other.

I hadn’t read any of the previous three Nightshade novels at the time, but I was able to enjoy and keep up with Firethorn all the same. There are at least three subplots that are all tied together by the end of the book, which at first made it a little difficult for me to keep track of, but by the finale made for quite a satisfying resolution.

I highly recommend Firethorn.

Kendig’s next series will feature military war dogs. Trinity will release this September, to be followed by Talon and Beowulf. I have no doubt they will put my heart in my throat as well. Trinity is available for pre-order.

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