It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

Presidential elections in the United States. Vector illustration with the American flag on the background of chalkboards

Presidential elections in the United States. Vector illustration with the American flag on the background of chalkboards

In a little over two weeks, election day will be upon us. Many of us dread it. Some are still unsure of our vote.

We have an awful choice next month. One one side we have an arrogant pig of a man who may or may not protect my rights as a Christian while disrespecting me as a woman, and my children and friends as people of color and people not born here. On the other we have an equally arrogant woman, a proven liar, an elitist, and sworn to ensure Christians “change their deep-seated religious views.”

One thing I have come to believe: It doesn’t matter who wins.

Yes, many practical things will depend upon who will be sitting in that office come January. But on November 9, as well as on …

Let Everything That Has Breath … Make Noise!


M is for movies. Specifically chick flicks. I like those sappy, silly, mindless movies where everything works out and the boy gets the girl and people end up happy. Yes, I know very well life isn’t really that way, but I like watching them anyway. My girls will walk in and say, “Oh, mom, you’re not watching those again.” “Well, yes I am, thank you very much.” Rarely do I just sit and just watch TV. FilmI’m usually doing a couple other things at the same time, which is another plus. You don’t have to pay much attention to those shows. I must admit during the Christmas season when they were on literally 24/7 there were a couple channels that showed them, and I would only watch the last hour or even half hour. It doesn’t take much to figure out what happened beforehand!

M is also for …

Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body

Buy her Bag, Not her Body

I wanted to share some photos from the Do A Little Good shopping day last weekend. There were so many wonderful products, all supporting survivors of trafficking, enabling families to escape debt bondage and poverty, and creating sustainable businesses so women and families aren’t dependent on charity.

There were myriad purses and satchels, gorgeous jewelry, cute children’s clothing, and scarves galore. Premium grade, shade grown, organic Ethiopian coffees. Handmade ornaments. Kits for kids to knits hats out of hand-made yarn from Rwanda. T-shirts.  Skirts.

If you don’t live around here, please visit some of these fantastic vendors online. What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than by giving life, real life, to someone who is finally experiencing freedom? And just by buying a gift for a loved one.

Instead of giving your money to a big box store or corporate machine, give it to a woman in Uganda, or …

Do A Little Shopping, Do A Little Good

10698538_799781263417535_5015002772979235294_nWe can’t solve all of the world’s problems, but we can do something. And doing something–even just a tiny something– will always be better than doing nothing.

If you live in the metro DC area, take some time on Saturday morning (November 8) and show up at the “Do a Little Good – Holiday Shop.”

It will be held at First Alliance Church, 14500 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD, starting at 9:00 a.m. All proceeds will go toward freeing people from bonded labor and helping them sustain a better life.

If you don’t live nearby, try shopping online this season. Some of the vendors that will be at The Holiday Shoppe are: