The Other Brother



She wanted to know him better. Know what kind of man gives up every night to take care of his brother’s family. Spends hours in prayer for them. On his knees? It was only breakfast. What could it hurt?

My novella The Other Brother is now individually available in Kindle for only 99¢. Brother was in the six-book set “Falling for You”, which was on the Amazon Christian collections bestseller list for several weeks in October and November. I am planning to have the paperback copy available later this week.

Let me introduce you to Marc and Kendall, the hero and heroine of The Other Brother.

Marmarcc Hudson grew up in Newtown, Indiana. It’s a small town, in the state where basketball rules. Entire towns in Indiana come to a standstill every time there is a game. Marc’s brother was a star in high school, taking his team …

Bringing Up … Daughters

Dara and Mira

Dara and Mira

Life with three very daughters is, to say the least, interesting.

When the kids came home from school yesterday Dara was wearing her volleyball jersey because they had a game last night. I mentioned that I thought it looked a little tight across the chest, even though it seemed to fit everywhere else. She said it was because she was wearing a regular bra instead of a sports bra, and that when she changed later it would look different. A long conversation about bras followed.
About then my husband commented loudly from the kitchen. “I’m not comfortable hearing this conversation.”
The girls just laughed.
“So move to another room,” I suggested.
“Well, I’m making something to eat, so I can’t.”
“You live in a house with four women. You should be used to this,” I reminded him.
“Yeah. You knew this was coming when you brought home …