Top 12 of 2012 , part 3


9. On March 8, I post my first blog post as my website officially goes “live.”

10. Bear and Bubba graduated from elementary school in June. A big step up into Middle School, Youth Group and pre-teendom. They had to say goodbye to some of their friends, as most of their classmates went to a different school. Bubba had an especially hard time with that part.

11. Instead of having four children in three schools, in September I finally had three kids in one school! What a huge difference this made! Not only that, Emma had an internship at our church when she was in school, meaning I picked her up every day at 11, took her to church at 2 and picked her up at 4. All that was done!

12. In October, John completed the first year of our own business. Technically, it’s his business, but I

Top 12 of 2012 , part 2

In August, Emma earned her driver’s license! It took a few tries—it’s extremely difficult to pass on the first try on Maryland—but she finally did it. Not much help to us, as she left for college a couple weeks later, but at least she’s mobile while there, and can come home at will.


In September, I attended my first ACFW conference and met several of my online crit partners and friends. I sang in the Sunday morning choir. It was wonderful to put real faces—not just profile pics—to names, and to spend time laughing, talking, listening to phenomenal speakers and worshipping together.


In July we took a family vacation to Boston and Maine. We hadn’t taken a real vacation all together for several years. We rode the train to Boston, drove to Maine then spent time in at Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. In August the kids …

Top 12 of 2012

I’m thinking back over the last year, remembering the best things that happened to me and my family. God has been good to us. I know usually it’s a top ten, but 12 in 12 just sounded cooler. I’m posting the first four this week, in no particular order other than the first four I thought of.

1. My book! Of course. I submitted the manuscript in January, was offered a contract in April, and the book was released in November. There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding a book with your name on the cover.    


2. Our oldest graduated from high school in June. What an exciting day! Emma went to an arts-concentration high school and studied photography, an area she continues studying now in college in Baltimore.



3. In September, Buggy returned to level-A travel softball after a year-long hiatus. She picked up …