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Our Christmas tree – 2012

I’m very excited to be a part of The Grace-filled Christmas Blog Tour, sponsored by the Grace Awards, which has the goal of expanding the tent pegs of Christian literature. This tour features twenty-two talented Christian fiction writers.

Today I’m introducing you to my first novel. In the Shadow of Sinai is the story of Bezalel and Meri. Bezalel is a Hebrew slave in the palace of Ramses II. Meri has been sold to the harem. After nearly a year of chaos brought on by Moses’ appearance, they escape with the nation of Israel in the Exodus.

What makes In the Shadow of Sinai perfect for Christmas reading and/or gifting?

Sinai is a tale of redemption, not just of the young nation of Israel but of each person in the story. Everyone—Bezalel, Meri, the warrior Kamose, the orphan-slave Ahmose, even Bible heroes Moses and Joshua—has his own journey to make and his own reward to claim.

A forbidden love, a deadly battle, a chase across the desert, and of course ten terrifying plagues. You might think you know the story of the Exodus, but I believe you’ll be surprised.

I also have a short story in a new anthology that just came out last week. I Choose You is the result of a contest, a compilation of the best-of-the-best romance short stories from across the globe. My story is called “Thirty Minutes or Less.”

What makes I Choose You perfect for Christmas reading and/or gifting?

Are you kidding? Love stories! Thirty-eight sweet romances you can read in fifteen minutes or less. Fall in love all over again, or for the first time, on a park bench, with a German POW, at a lighthouse, through FaceBook, in the town of Eden, at a car repair shop, at Villa Veronica, while dancing in the moonlight, and so many more surprising places. When the holidays get a little take a romance break!

The Grace-filled Christmas Blog Tour runs through December 22nd. Don’t forget to check out all the other authors on the tour. Click below to see all the authors on the tour and the dates they will be on their own blog sharing about their novels.


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  1. In the shadow of Sinai sounds wonderful. Its been awhile since I read an historical from the ancient era. (Sandi Rog’s ‘Yashua’s Bridge’ was the last one and I enjoyed it a lot.) I’ll be adding this to my growing list… Blessings this Christmas

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