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Carole Towriss Thankful Alphabet 4 Comments

sticker-letters-vector-alphabet-set_z1Nk9lwu_LI’m thankful for x-rays. I’ve written about broken bones in my novels, and having to set them without x-rays. The Egyptians and Greeks were pretty good at it, just going by feel, but still … I don’t think Mira would be quite the softball player she is if they had set her arm without some radiographic help.Human body with internal organs

I’m thankful for the color yellow. Yellow is the most cheerful color. I don’t think I look very good in it, so I don’t wear it much, but I love seeing others in it. My two youngest have perfect complexions for it. Yellow is the sun, daffodils, softballs, baby chicks and rubber ducks! You just can’t be sad around yellow.

Yellow flowerZ……OK, I could say zebra, but I’d be reaching. I got nothing for z. Do you?

I’ve enjoyed this trip through the ABCs. I hope you did, too. What was your favorite letter? What are you most thankful for today?

The Walls of Arad coverI also want to share with you that the long-awaited third book in my trilogy is coming out next month. I’m looking for people to help me out. I want to form two teams – a review team and a street team. The review team will be sent an e-copy of the book now, to read and have a review ready to post on Amazon as soon as it releases. I can’t give you anything in return for that except an early copy :)

I’ll also have a street team to help promote the book. You’ll get a free paperback copy of the book, some goodies which I can’t tell you about without spoiling it, and a novella made from deleted scenes available only to my supporters. You can be on either or both teams. In return I’d love for you to post on your FB, twitter, pinterest, tell your friends, pray or however else you can support me. You’ll be the first to receive news of my new releases (there are three more in the next year).

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  1. I have loved reading your posts through the alphabet–you made me think, whether or not I posted what came to mind.
    Z–yes, zebra may seem a little obvious, but it’s still better than zilch! Zebra lilies, zebra butterflies, even Fruit Stripe gum with its colored stripes has a rainbow hued zebra for its mascot. The old movie Zorro comes to mind as well when I think of the letter Z . Many remakes have been made over the years, and I always wondered
    where they came up with that name! (Guess it makes me thankful for better movies to watchThe. There’s the Greek mythology Zeus–I am thankful that our God can calm the storms, speak in a still small voice, yet is all powerful beyond anything the Greeks came up with.

    1. Post

      Shauna, what fantastic Zs! Zebra lilies are beautiful. I love what you have to say about Zeus. Nothing like a false god to remind us of the power of the Living God.

      Thanks for sharing that.


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