It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

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Presidential elections in the United States. Vector illustration with the American flag on the background of chalkboards

Presidential elections in the United States. Vector illustration with the American flag on the background of chalkboards

In a little over two weeks, election day will be upon us. Many of us dread it. Some are still unsure of our vote.

We have an awful choice next month. One one side we have an arrogant pig of a man who may or may not protect my rights as a Christian while disrespecting me as a woman, and my children and friends as people of color and people not born here. On the other we have an equally arrogant woman, a proven liar, an elitist, and sworn to ensure Christians “change their deep-seated religious views.”

One thing I have come to believe: It doesn’t matter who wins.

Yes, many practical things will depend upon who will be sitting in that office come January. But on November 9, as well as on January 20, God will still be sovereign.

I had a professor at ORU my first year there. He taught a required basic physical sciences course we all hated. If you weren’t a science major you considered it a waste of time, and if you were, and somehow ended up in there, it was terribly beneath you. Brother Lamb, as he was called, was interminably optimistic. He started every class wth something along the lines of, “Good morning. It’s a glorious day. The sun is still shining and God is still on his throne.” As all-wise and knowing freshmen, we kind of laughed it off. Now I cling to it.

Last Sunday in church, a Muslim couple who had escaped the barbarous horrors of Syria shared with us. They told how the regime, after shooting countless people, left the bodies in the streets. Then they posted snipers, killing anyone who came near, leaving their loved ones unable to render aid or even mourn the dead. The man’s brother was a medical professional who was arrested for attempting to help. Then they came after him, his wife and infant daughter. They escaped to Jordan, but were followed and hunted down there as well. It took years to get out and come here, involving dozens of interviews and security checks. His brother escaped after two years of a twenty-year sentence, and is now in Switzerland. He is so traumatized after the horrendous torture he suffered, he cringes at loud noises.

Paul, Peter and the writer of Hebrews all admonished us to obey the authorities placed over us, and they were talking about Rome. We may not have a terrific choice, or even a good choice. But we have a choice. We have more freedom than most countries. It may not be as good as it was fifty years ago and it may not last forever, but God is still sovereign.



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