Stop Me Before I Fall Again

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Falling for You box set


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I’ve read them all, and they’re all warm, wonderful tales, perfect to read with a cup of hot chocolate near a window looking out on a tree full of colorful, falling leaves.

AN INFORMAL DATE by Heather Gray 
Kimi sells coffee at a hospital kiosk and has a smile for everyone who comes her way. Owen is a research scientist with limited people skills and a fondness for caffeine. How can two such different people go from a shared interest in beverages to a shared future?

OPERATION BACK-TO-SCHOOL by Elizabeth Maddrey 
With both her girls in school Shannon Cross is looking forward to being back in the office. But how can Shannon fall for her daughter’s teacher without feeling that she’s betraying her deceased husband’s memory?

They sing two very different tunes. Can they work together to make a joyful melody?

An old man and his will change everything for Lexi Ross. Can she survive the memories and learn from someone else’s experience or will she choose to make her own path?

THE OTHER BROTHER by Carole Towriss 
Marc has contentedly spent his life in his brother’s shadow—until he meets Kendall. Can she convince him he’s special, when no one else thinks so? And can he convince her she’s already found what she’s searching for?

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A HERO FOR HEATHER by Marion Ueckermann 
Paxton Rathbone is desperate to make his way home. He has grown too accustomed to the disdain of mankind, which perhaps is why Heather Blume’s kindness penetrates his reserves. But there’s more to Heather’s actions than merely being the Good Samaritan—she has no doubt he’s a gentleman fallen far from grace.

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